My eviction attorney failed to inform me that evictions can occur on Saturdays. As i own and rent a commercial daycare, I was reluctant to evict tenant with 24 kids and employees during the week in midsummer, as landlords are depicted as villains and I do not need the adverse issues that may arise,. As daycare is scheduled for demolition per eminent domain order, tenant has refused to pay rent since 12/2017 and refuses to move, even though city says she must vacate by 6/22/18 which she defiantly has ignored. I was hoping city would force tenant out, but that does not seem to be the case until bulldozer arrives. Since discovering removal possible on Saturday with or without tenant present, i have decided to proceed with eviction should this info be correct and providing my writ of possession does not have a deadline on serving . I have been through all court proceedings with all losses , court costs, attorney fee, etc, Judge. Is there a time limit writ of possession order expires. Thanks