Eviction notice on inherited tenants.

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Hi BP Community,

I just recently brought a property a month ago with three tenants that I have inherited. One of the three paid their rent on time and the other two months to date still haven’t paid. We notified them in advance where and how to send their payment. My questions

1. Do we start the eviction process and get them out?

2. Do I have to honor the current lease, or can I give them 60 days to vacate the premises since it is under new ownership? 

Yes, start the eviction process. If they "don't know how this new system works", they'll try to figure it out real quick once that notice is given. 

You purchased the property and all existing contracts, including the leases. Thankfully for you, they already violated the lease so you can start to get them out

Did you buy a three family or are they roommates. If each tenant has their own unit you do not need to evict the on that is paying.

If you have to honor the current lease with the one that is paying, when does it expire? What information do you have about him? You may want to think about sending him a non-renewal notice unless he completes your application and passes your criteria.

May want to contact a local landlord attorney to help get you on the right path as well as do this first eviction.