Vacant and Homeowners Insurance in Philadelphia

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I am reviewing my insurance costs in Philly for SFH. Rates appear to be going up. Seeking recommendations for insurance companies and/or agents that handle Philly. I need policies for vacant lots, vacant properties undergoing rehab and tenant occupied.

Hey Sheryl,

I own an insurance brokerage in Philadelphia and specialize in rental properties and fix/flips.

I have a few good markers for you I can try.

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@Sheryl S. there are specific insurance programs for flippers that you should consider.

These programs bill month to month,  It's 1 policy, and the 1 policy can handle flips, vacants, rehabs and rentals.  It's much easier than starting and stopping policies all of the time.

I will PM you the info 

Sound interesting. Thanks!  Is it relevant for buy & hold and land?

@Sheryl S for buy and hold you’ll need a regular dwelling policy. The policy referenced above would be for a fix or flip. Land you need a GL policy. We do those for $205/year in the Philadelphia area. If the land is owned personally and not by an LLC you’re primary homeowners insurance should be able to extend coverage to that location for no extra charge. Lets chat this week a bit more In-depth about the insurance for your properties and land
@Sheryl S. I use the following agency for my properties which include one which is abandoned and another that has tenants. They have been great so far.