First rental rehab! Bathroom tile or pre-fab?

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I’m rehabbing my first rental and I’m running into some issues that have varied opinions when I research it. I have a super small bathroom on my first floor I’m going to fix up while I live in it. It’s only a 6 by 5 bathroom with barely and space to move but I think it work. The bathtub/shower has a window on the one wall opposite of the shower head but is frosted so you can’t see in. Because of this I would have to cut the pre-fab shower wall to the window. My question is should I tile or do the pre-fab. Tile looks better but it’s a rental and would need the tenant to help maintain which I don’t want to rely on. I do agree it would look a lot nicer though.

Go with the prefab and cover over the window or remove it.

 Tenants rarely if ever maintain anything in a rental. Grout will end up with mold if you tile no matter what you do to try and stop it.

Hi Josh,

You're right not to rely on the tenant to help maintain grout and caulking. I would base my decision in this case off of how likely I am to sell the property within the next few years. If you plan on keeping it as a long term investment, it may make more sense just to go with the pre-fab. It's less work and it likely will not affect the rental rate. If there's a good chance you'll sell soon I'd go with the tile.

Hope this helps.