After heavy consideration, I have a client who is ready to do a short term rental for his condo. 

This is a high end 2 story, 3500sf, 2bd , 3.5 Bath (with a convertible 3rd bedroom/ media room.) and the value is around $1.2-$1.4 million on the retail market. It’s an A+ property. 

We even added a 900sf clear retractible roof to conceal the lounge and pool area for inclement weather. 

This property is in the heart of Buckhead, Atlanta Georgia. Great access to everything and it is a condensed mini mansion. It’s a perfect concealed rock star pad for layovers. 

I’ve serviced and managed  this place for the last 8 years as his personal contractor. Now I want to see what I need to arrange for Short term renting. 

Currently, I’m trying to verify his Hoa to see what is prohibited. 

The owner has another home and  travels. This way he can still come back to town and check in on certain days. At the worst,I can update some of the home ,and he places it on the market to sell. I don’t mind handling the management, but I’m sure there are others who are much more astute at helping in a proposition as this.