Ice marker broken - previous tentant left fridge

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The new tenant wants an icemaker fixed. She is a brand new tenant and I dont want to look bad I actually gave a tenant a $250 credit to buy this used fridge. To replace the icemaker its $250. The appliance person said this fridge is a problematic model I Replaced an icemake for another differnt tenant and that was $200. I hate icemakers What would you do?

In situations like these I would consider purchasing a new, slightly used appliance. It may be more expensive then the ice maker but if the repair man said the model is problematic this $250 ice maker issue could turn into another $300 broken part a few months down the line. Save yourself some hassle and think about swapping out the unit. Then you could sell the current fridge you have now to someone who doesn’t need the ice maker. 

If it is customary to provide a refrigerator and your competitors do, weigh out the option of replacing the refrigerator or just getting the ice maker fixed. What brand and age? I would get the ice-maker fixed or replaced and then have her sign a release that makes any future repair on her. She can choose to repair or use trays. Add to your next lease. I say refrigerator, washer, dryer not warrantied on my leases...but it is not customary to provide any of those in my neighborhoods.

If your lease states that you cover appliances then it's on you to fix.  If you have verbage in your lease that appliances are supplied AS-IS then it is on your tenant to repair.  It all comes back to the lease so just reference what part of the lease covers appliances.  Depending on the rental rate of my places I buy fridges that don't have ice makers to alleviate this issue.  Higher priced rentals tenants do expect it but for others it's more of a hassle so I prefer to go with more basic fridges that don't even have the option.

Remove the icemaker.  Going forward, don't provide icemakers in the refrigerators in your rentals.  If a tenant never sees an icemaker, they never complain about a broken icemaker.  Problem solved.

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mamma need to use an ice tray or buy a couple bags at 7-11.  

I have it in a lease the ice maker isn't covered.  Water filters neither.  When theirs expires, update yours to say the same like others said.

She bought this fridge and now wants you to fix the broken ice maker in the fridge they selected or did I misunderstand?

I would not give the tenant a credit to buy a fridge. For 250 you can’t expect a good fridge anyways and you will likely have more problems and more repairs with a junky fridge that the tenant selects. They may also select a fridge which is an eyesore and could be a negative mark against you when you are looking for a new tenant in the future.

It is also not the tenants responsibility to select and purchase appliances. I would get the ice maker fixed or replace the fridge yourself. When you do eventually replace the fridge I would purchase a fridge without an ice maker. That is what we did to avoid this problem since all ice makers eventually malfunction.

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agree 100%

I dont install fridges with icemaker's, dishwashers or ceiling fans.

 While I agree with Randy about not connecting the water lines to refrigerators (leaks are a nightmare), I do not have that issue with dishwashers or ceiling fans. Many of my places don't have central AC, so fans are a must for getting through the hot summer months. And I've never had an issue with a dishwasher or garbage disposal that couldn't be easily fixed (or replaced due to age).

@Brandon P. Just went through this myself .. I went to Home Depot and took advantage of the 4 of July sale . I bought a new black plain jane GE fridge for 448$ delivered and they take the old one for 15$ . Do not buy a fridge with an ice maker . Do not give credits . Don’t buy junk refrigerators on Craigslist that last 6 weeks then die and your getting phone calls at night . I don’t have time or desire to fiddle with used junk when a new energy efficient one wIth a warranty is only 150 bucks more