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I'm a new Member to Bigger Pockets.  I'm looking for a good property manager in South Florida (Broward County).

Welcome your input with anyone you recommend or have had good experiences with.

thank you/!

Hello Angel!

I have a rental in Ft Lauderdale Wilton Manors neighborhood that is being managed by Icon Realty.  I work with two other PMs in North Florida and in Austin, TX and I have to say there is no comparison.  They are prompt, proactive and understand property management from an investment perspective.  I highly recommend them.

I grew up in North Florida so I have a lot of family, friends and business contacts in that area.  That makes the investing and property management a LOT easier.  My spouse went to school at UT and the rental there is a hold over from graduate school.  The South Florida will eventually be a retirement home and I got real lucky there so far.  I'd like to invest more in that area, but it's much more expensive and harder to find deals.  

If it wasn't for those connections, I'm not sure I'd invest remotely.  If I did, I'd find a place I really like to visit and be prepared to spend a lot of time there making connections.  

Good luck, Angel!

I'm the VP of a roofing company in South Florida and work with a few good PM companies on a regular basis, a lot of bad ones too.

There are good and bad PMs in each of those companies.  The key is to interview your PM and make sure whoever your direct PM will be is on-point.  Half of the PM's down here can't read contracts, don't know how to inspect a property for damage, etc. - they just use whatever contractor is giving them the most free stuff at the time.  

When you interview - be very in depth and hold them to their interview.

Best of luck - let me know how it goes or if you need a roofer.

for Fort Myers I used someone who is VERY VERY good.. he managed my property and eventually sold it.

his name is Kevin Page - Cape Shore.  Tell him Angel Santiago sent you (I am NOT affiliated or get any sort of kick back for this :) ).. 

I'll PM you the info.