Buildium vs AppFolio

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I can only speak to Appfolio and Propertyware as I have used both and have been very satisfied. They both have their issues but so do you and I. My only experience with Buildium was another PM trying to clean up her books and she had a mess, Buildium did not seem to be very helpful so she asked me for help. I looked at her mess and I did not want to dig in either. I convinced her to switch from Buildium to Appfolio so I could help her and she has a great system going now.

The biggest advantage that I seen in PW when I switched was their automated emailing system that AF did not have but AF is now adding that in several areas so I'm truly happy with AF

One other comment, I believe Buildium and I know PW were cheaper when I first started, once I got over 50 doors PW and AF were similarly priced and growing beyond 50 I think AF is cheaper than PW.