Accessory Dwelling Units

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I am not invested in CA, but I have done some house hacking there years ago. I know they passed some new regulations in 2016 that make ADU's easier to permit and build, but i have never heard of more than one being allowed. Currently in WA state the rules specifically state an owner can build a detached OR an attached ADU, but not both.

I ran across this article some time back an sent it to another colleague, so I am including the link for you.

@Nicholas F. not sure about LA but usually just one is allowed and some cities require that the owner live in either the main house or in-law unit.

If you want 2 ADUs, depending on what you plan to do with them, if airbnb short term rental, you may decide to permit one as a game room or bar with just a bathroom and wet bar (no oven or stove). Most short term guests don't need an oven and this in most areas won't be considered another dwelling unit. You can always buy an induction hot plate which work quite well

The current law allows only one. Also, even if you were able to fit in two ADU's (one as an ADU and the other as a recreational building aka "game room" / bar) you have to factor in allowed buildable square footage on the property. For example, our lot size is 6200 sq feet. Our home is 2000 square feet with a garage of 252 sq ft. We're only allowed to add on about 130 sq feet for our garage converted ADU in the works.

Also, even if you are in the available square footage to build an ADU and a "game room with a bathroom," remember the city will have to approve the second structure. If they get the feeling you're just naming the ADU as a "recreational building," they may not approve it. But who knows, it's worth a try I guess.

If you need more Info, here's a link for the ADU regulations in ADU. Best of luck!

I read somewhere here that if you have an existing detached rec room or garage whatever it is you can convert it to JADU and attach to an ADU, I am morning sure about it. I thought JADU should be attached to the primary dwelling.

Every county and city is different when it comes to what is allowed. Most of the time there is a percentage of the principal dwelling on the property. On average it is usually 30-40% of the square footage of the principal dwelling with a max square footage. Generally you can tie into the existing sewer and water and a lot of times you can get separate electricity and gas to the ADU. I've built many of them.