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How’s it going  community ,I had new tenents just move in June the tenent came looked at the house while we were still getting  alot of painting and repairs done ready for move in  mid July well the tenent landed up calling us and was explaining to us if there’s a possibility they can move in on the first of June . Because the landlord sold the house .i explained to them it wasn’t a good idea because I still .had a lot to do.they said had no we’re to go it’s stressful with  children and having a big family and so on and so on.they told me after I was. Done painting .they didn’t mind if we let them move in on June I could go and get repairs done.well I let them big mistake. Once they moved in I got complaint  after complaint first they said the ac wasn’t getting cold I went showed them how to use the thermostat and had the tenent put his hand by the vents. It was getting cold he said ok I also explained to him the outside ac  fan had a Edison summer saver plans which turns the fan off at certain times he under stood but wanted the box off so I called Edison And had the box taken off problem solved .a week after  i got a call from tenents saying they got a message via text from the water company stating continuing runner water possible I went noticed they were running a swamp cooler 24/7 they said the ac bill was high so weve been using a swamp cooler,and they filled up a above ground pool .i asked them did they call the water company to let them know of the pool fill up they said they didn’t.i called the water company to talk to them about the running water text my tenants got and explained to them  they run a swamp cooler that runs on the water faucet and they fillled a pool ,and all the household water use from  big family.the water company said that’s why there getting that text.they also said that for me to talk about there account water usage they have to call and give permission so I asked the tenants they refused.its gets better,I get another call from the tenants now sayin one of the toilets are making a thinking the worst I go just a stuck while I was here I th ought I might as well change out  all fill valves and floaters for all three bathrOoms so I did.was there a few hours making sure they were running properly and leaks.i remind you that was on a  Thursday.on Monday my tenants send me a bill via picture text from  a plumber saying all toilets leaking cleaned out all fill valves because they were clog and put in new flappers leak fixed.i asked the tenants why’ didn’t he cal l me he  had no excuse,so  I called the plumber he said they clogged  and he cha changed the i come  Back how’s that if I just put all of that new four days Pryor on Thursday he couldn’t answer me im getting I’m not  paying  my water bill because of the they sent me there water bill .with previous charges from there old residents claiming it as part of  a they think I’m stupid,there clearly trying to scam me.they won’t  Give me permission to talk to the water company and  the plumber is his good friend.

With all that now I’m getting the ac don’t work again so I send out a ac tech I explain to them the the tenants are claiming that the ac isn’t cold enough that the Edison guy that took off the summer saver box off the ac fan told him the ac needs a Freon boost I’m really  now the  Edison guy is a ac tech the ac was running cold now it’s not working .well the ac tech did a leak test ,pressure test and said it was fine  but it looks like it was tampered with he also said if there was a leak there wouldn’t be Freon in the system still so I payed him to fill it up  since there was  few pounds of Freon still in the system he also asked me when was the last time i serviced the ac  I told him about a year ago .he said that long ago if there was a leak  there would be nothing in the system so after paying a few hundred dollars ,now I get another call saying the ac is blowing hot air .so I send the ac guy back  .the same ac guy said looks like it’s been tampered now I decide to pay for home warranty insurance after the second repair and now  the tenants threatened to sue me.for my fist rental this is a bad experience of tenants trying to scam me and the plumber his freind doing fraud.i later called the water company again spoke to the manager this time explained what going on.he said just tell the tenants to call and give a one time to talk about the bill that I don’t have to be on the account so i did they refused again.

So many issues here.  Get rid of the pool immediately, that’s a liability.  If they want a pool tell them they can become homeowners.  Did you even screen these people?  Do you know why they wanted to move in so quickly because “they had nowhere to go”?  It’s because they were evicted from their last place.  By the way, what is a swamp cooler?

@Steve Shultz I would never in a million years allow a tenant to bring their own above ground pool. If you have a clause in your lease about not making any changes to the property I would use that to get the pool removed. I am not sure what you were thinking to allow this.

Be prepared to evict. You have a very difficult time ahead that will not end well.

Tel them your insurance does not allow pools and insist it be removed. If they refuse initiate the eviction process.

You need to immediately offer to release them from their lease to show the courts your were being fair from the beginning. Do it in writing, insist all communication from them be in writing or via text and save everything for future court use. 

Confirm there is tampering with the AC and send them written notice to cease tampering.

Do not pay for any bills or repairs they or their contractors perform. Make it clear they are not authorised to repair or have anything repaired.

This will be a slow constant battle in which they will break you or you will break them.

You need to hire an attorney or property manager to get rid of these tenants ASAP and then get you on the right track. You don't know what you are doing and will only screw this up more and ruin our taste for real estate investing.