Looking for a handyman in Tallahassee

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Does anyone have a reliable handyman in the Tallahassee area? I'm having trouble finding one. Due to today's economy there is so much work and not enough trades people. I've had multiple people come and look at the projects, tell me they would get back to me with a bid, and that's the last I hear from them. 

Hey there, super new investor here! Well technically not an investor yet, but I hope to own my first rental property by the end of this year. *fingers crossed*

So I've been doing A LOT of  online window shopping and my search brought me to an auction property that needed a bit of work. I even went as far as scheduling an inspection for the property until I realized that what I really needed was a general contractor. The inspector was gracious enough to email me a list of his preferred handymen and general contractors which I wouldn't mind sharing with you. It could be worth a shot and my folly could be your gain :)