New Landlord, help with tennant contract

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I just purchased my 1st house and have a room mate. I need to implement a 6 month or 1 year contract for my Tennant. Where can i find one? My mortage along with HOA fees total $1098.00 and im charging my room mate $500.00 plus we are splitting internet and electricity. Thats fair right?

Join a local apartment association (if Chandler doesn't have one then Mesa or Phoenix likely does) and you will likely get access to their rental leases and other forms. 

I would say that if you and your roommate are the only two living in the house then splitting the internet and electricity 50/50 is fair. 

Finding a Rental Lease Agreement form should be easy.  Go to your local library, and check out the landlording books and MANY lease examples in books.  (ex: "Landlording: A Handymanual for Scrupulous Landlords and Landladies Who Do It Themselves").

Some have a CD-ROM in the back with forms you can use (i.e. "Property Management Kit for Dummies"). 

Look on-line, and find one.  A quick search found:

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@Luis Aguilar

Ask the realtor who helped you buy the house. The Arizona Association of Realtors creates forms that Realtors can use for leases, and this should be exactly what you need.

@Luis Aguilar It is a great resource for AZ landlords and property owners. I would highly recommend that group if you have eviction issues as well. I just started co hosting the AZREIA Buy and Hold sub group and denise holiday comes out once a year to share on hot topics for landlords in AZ.