Can I video or take pictures of a inspection of my tenants unit?

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Can I video or take pictures of a inspection of my tenants unit? I need to know if this is possible as I know they are in violation of the lease and would like to have proof when I go to file with the court for eviction. 

First, it's YOUR property, not your tenants. I think as long as you have a valid reason you can take video/photos as evidence for court proceedings. An announced inspection I would say implies taking notes and making record of conditions or behaviors. I would not record conversations unless you get their permission in advance. Also make sure you're not entering the property without proper notice.

Take pictures, a video what ever you wish and take along a witness that will be available to testify at the eviction hearing as well.

Make sure you give proper legal notice to inspect. Try to give though notice for a time that you know your tenant will be at work or away. It is best the tenant is not present since they will likely try to block you from entering. If they do block you immediately issue another notice (bring one with you already filled out) and keep doing this until they give up or can not miss any more work to stop you.

thanks for all the input. I inspected the property and they are in violation of the pet policy which I found out when I purchased the place a month ago. Took a couple of pictures of that and the filthy conditions. I am giving the a notification of breech of the lease and they have 3 days to comply or I will file a eviction at the courthouse. It's an interesting situation cause their lease is up in October and I want them to move out end of August so i can rehab the unit and bump up rent. I am thinking of offering their deposit back up to one month rent which is $560 if they will move out early. Or they can comply and go to October but I will retain the deposit of the damage from the pet and filthy conditions. I think it's  a win for me and them. the tenant can move when's it's not snowing and there is more options to rent from. Then I can rehab and rent befor winter as well. Thoughts?