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Help. Is there a maximum of resident/tenants that can inhabit a home? I have a 4 bedroom & 2 bath home I am relisting and am thinking it over again on my resident selection criteria form. I am almost wanting to have a max of 5 (2 adults & 3 kids)?  Is there a law that says you have to allow 2 persons per bedroom or something like that?

Laws vary state to state, but in our state you can discriminate equal housing based on amount of children. However when I do get a tenant I do put a limit in the lease of how many people. I had a 2 bedroom house with 1 tenant that moved in 7 (3 adults, 4 kids) more people within her term, and they destroyed it. I also put in that anyone over 18 staying more than 15 days needs to be added to the lease.

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Can’t deacriminate** sorry I had a typo in there.

Thank you for sharing your insight and experience Heather. I spoke with my local agent mentor and REI mentor and they said that 2 per bedroom I can limit. So I am looking at 8 persons total which is more than I like/prefer.

That is what I go by as well, 2 per bedroom. I did have a qualified family and she was pregnant rent a 1 bedroom. It worked out, they moved when the baby got old enough to need his own room. I think with a 4 bedroom it really appeals to larger families or college students renting together. I know 4 bedrooms are a hot commodity where I live, and go quickly. But just make sure to have everything in your lease, and that they are qualified. Hope it all works out for you :)