Questions about rental processing

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I just did the first time handling the application process by myself. I was kind of nervous and excited. During the process, I have had some questions that I never thought about. If I received multiple applications and all of them have paid the non-refundable application fee for the credit report and background check. If I found out from their current landlords that they are not as good as they said themselves. If I am going to reject them based on this, do I still need to check the credit and background? Or I can keep the application fee without pulling the credit? Or refund the money back? I had done all the credit and background chech no matter other factors are good or bad. I am wondering if it is really needed? Thanks.

It will depend on your local laws but in my opinion that could get unethical at the very least.  What's to stop a landlord from listing a rental super low to attract a ton of nonrefundable application fees with no intention of running background checks.  I'm not saying this is what you're doing but something to think about when you check local laws.