Hi everyone,

I have this tenant lease end in 1 month and I emailed them that rent will be increased 2 months ago. They accepted it in person, not replying the email.

Last time when i was in the unit, they didnt take good care of the property and always late in rent payment. And now they start complaining about the unit, and keep saying that I should not raise the rent like 2-3 times already. I was giving them chance to stay even they always give me a hard time during their tenancy, but today they sent me another email complain about the unit and rent should not be raised so I sent them notice to vacate the unit at the end of the lease and I'm not going to renew it cos i dont want to keep unhappy customer. Now they ask me why they cant renew the lease because they told me they are staying before when i offered the new rent raise.

Do I need to give them a reason or just say nothing. And if they are not paying for the last month rent, can i start 3 day notice on the 2nd of the month even my lease have grace period till 3rd, but that should be more for late fee to kick in, rent should always due on the 1st.

Any thoughts on how to handle this situation?

Thanks so much!