Frequency of Property Visits

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For those who self manage, how often do you go to the property? It’s always a nerve racking thing for me when I go, as you never know what you are going to find. Just looking for some opinions.

I go monthly to check out the outside and common areas and to just be present. Check light bulbs and things like that.

Hello Beau! I technically self manage, as I am a Property Manager ;) I walk through all of the properties under my management at least every 6 months, and if I see anything out of the ordinary, I'll take pictures with my phone and address the situation later. I give my tenants at least a 24 hour notice of my walk through. I'd much rather face the situations head on and as early as possible than deal with any negative ramifications down the line!

I try to go once a month for varying reasons or if I am in the area drop by.  When I go I view the exterior property condition and sometimes the tenants see me around.  That's keeps them on their toes as they know I'm around.

At least once a month for exterior.  Around every 6 months for interior.However, I walk through interior common areas every time im at the property.  Whenever there’s a maintainance issue, I take care of it myself so I can look around the unit.  Don’t be afraid of what you’ll find.  Letting issues go for long periods of time will only make them worse.