Difficult tenant- advice

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So I should have known before I allowed this guy to rent from me, but I bought his story, of being a survivor  of 9/11 and having health issues and now getting back on his feet.  The good part of me wanted to help someone out.  Now I am faced with a difficult tenant.  So far he HAS made his payments, non-payment is not YET an issue.  However, he is causing a lot of problems on the property.  

Our property is unique, it is a horse farm in a very posh part of Wellington, FL.  During season we rent for big numbers and off season we scramble just to fill the vacancy.  So far we have been lucky and been able to get off-season renters.  This tenant is renting one of the studio apartments.  

With all the crazy storms in FL we have had some power surges that have caused problems with the Internet in those apartments, but not the house (which has surge protection).  He has taken it upon himself to try to fix the router in the other tenants apartment.  He has also multiple times knocked on the door to try to get entrance to the house.  The tenant in the house was very upset by this and told him to stop coming to the house and that it made her uncomfortable.  I also sent him a notice not to enter areas that were not common. 

In addition to this he has parked his commercial vehicle (in addition to a car) which is not allowed on the property.  I gave him notice that it needs to be moved but he has not moved it.  He has also taken it upon himself to store machinery in the garage.  I told him he could store a few boxes, but not crates of machinery. 

How do I handle this guy?  Do I make an issue of the car, the storage and the Internet or do I just let it slide until the lease is up in October?

Thanks for the advice!!!!

If it were in CA I'd let it go until October because it would take 60 days notice anyway and you don't want to rock the boat too much.  You can continue to give warnings if you want or take it to the next level if he goes too far but make sure you are communicating clearly with him if he does something wrong.

Give him a 60 day notice of non-renewal and call it a day. Collect your rent for Aug and Sep.

This is a property in FL.  I am new to being a Landlord but as I understand it, FL is a Landlord friendly state?  VS California, where I just moved from, which I know is not.....

I would just wait, but would continue to be firm with asking them to remove the extra vehicle/stuff in the garage/not to bother other tenants... verify whatever length of time is required for notice of non-renewal and deliver when necessary. If it's 60 days, you'd deliver it this week. If it's 30 days - you could still deliver it now, it's just more notice.