Adding a bedroom to an apartment.

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Is turning a dining room into a 3rd bedroom a good idea?

I'm in the middle of an extensive turnover of a large 2br unit. The potential bedroom would be 7'x14'. Doing this would sacrifice the dining room. The kitchen would only allow for a small dining table. I could possibly build the room to use as a dining room or bedroom. Thoughts?

@Kevin Kennerly you should look at this mostly from the potential tenants point of view. Would the apartment "flow"? Who would your potential tenant be, and would they need that dining room? How much more rent can you get for that extra bedroom? I think it is always smart to look for ways to maximize your cash flow, just make sure you don't try to push if this doesn't make sense. 

A small kitchen/dining area can be a negative in a 3 bdrm. Ask yourself, will it fit a family of 5 or 6? Would you want to try to sqeeze into it?