Section 8 tenants/applicants

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Definately. It has been a good a great experience for me and I am trying to convert some of my other properties to section 8.

The tenants take good care of my houses because if they don't they get kicked out of the program and they lose their free money.

Section 8 pays 110% of market rents also

@Victoria S.   section 8 programs are run by local municipalities. Some section 8 places are easier to deal with than others.  I rent to section 8 an like the program. It will be more hassle and more time to get a tenant placed than a  market tenant.

In Mass if the tenant looses their voucher the state turns their back on the landlord. Now the landlord has to go through the lengthy process of evicting the looser tenant without any help from the state. The illusion of "guaranteed rent" can be a mith. Lots of pitfalls with section 8. The experience will largely depending on the case worker assigned and the local section 8 office.

No more for me. I had section 8 tenants involved with drugs and prostitution. They lied to me about so many things. 

I have Section 8 rentals and love it! They take care of the property better than my non section 8 tenants and the rent is ALWAYS on time

@Victoria S. You need to screen them as you would any other tenant. Background, credit, past evictions, etc.... you'll find great successes and abysmal failures with section 8. It all comes down to screening tenants

@Ned Carey Hey Ned, why do you say that it will take more time and hassle to place a section 8 tenant compared to a regular market tenant? Is it because of the extra paperwork/working with section 8 offices. I've read before that section 8 has a waitlist and a place to market directly to this list, would this speed up finding a new tenant?

@Wes Short this will vary from agency to agency. Section 8 is run by local agencies even though it is a Federal Law. Baltimore City and baltimore County in Maryland have different section 8 offices. The point is the rules and efficiency will vary from one place to another. 

For us it takes about two months to get a tenant placed. Most of that time is waiting on section 8. You wait for an inspection of your property, you wait for a re-inspection, you wait for them to decide on a price for your unit they you wait for them to call you in to sigh the contract. 

Every year you have a re-inspection and inspectors can nitpick 2 fails in a row, which could be because your tenant wasn't there to let them in and they with hold your rent until resolved. 

Regarding how fast you can find a section 8 tenant vs a market tenant - that will vary from market to market.