Can I break a year lease in GA if tenant is difficult

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I rent my basement And I did signed a year contract but my tenant keeps bringing people over to spend more than one night, leaves garages open, leave front door unlocked when she leaves the house. can I break a lease without getting a lawsuit ?

Are any of the habits you just named a violation of your lease? Unfortunately being obnoxious is not grounds for eviction.

I would probably start with a conversation though and ask them to be more respectful.

@Rose Pongyan It depends on your lease. Do any of the tenant’s activities violate the lease? If so you could consult a local lawyer to find out the procedures for eviction in your town. Usually you have to serve notice to them to allow them to correct the problem and then if they don’t then file for eviction. You may also want to make sure your front door is set to automatically lock when closed so if the tenant is just careless the door would at least lock on its own for your own safety. Change the door knob or lock if needed to make this happen.