I need to kick a tenant out.

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I bought my property on July 12th, the tenant has not paid the rent for the whole month of July including the amount owed the the previous Landlord, also he is on a month to month lease and I have not signed a new lease with him. Will it be easier to kick him out since he has not signed a lease with me, am I obligated to give him a 3 day pay or quit notice or can I just flat out evict him.

@Rob Murden His agreement with the previous landlord basically transfers with the property, so treat it just like he was on month-to-month with you, because he is. You will have to go through the exact same process as if he had originally signed the lease with you. Send thr 3-day letter. If you don't get a positive response, I would try a cash for keys option, before starting legal proceedings. It's usually cheaper and less hassle.

Research Ohio Landlord/ tenant laws. Each state differs but there is a specific process you should get familiar with and consider an eviction lawyer this first time.

Does your state have a tenant landlord handbook online? Many states protect tenants with implied leases. You probably need to give 30 days notice that you are not renewing the lease. I would give notice immediately that there is a new owner and the month to month arrangement will not be offered for August...that you want to work on the property. Did you ask about July rent? Maybe he used July rent as a deposit on a new place for August 1 and is already planning on vacating...using his security deposit as July rent. Tenants are very wary of being cheated when property changes hands.

Give him the 3 day notice if that’s what is required in your state.  In Mass it would be a 14 day notice.  Make sure you know which rules apply to your state.

Did you give him a new owner introduction  letter, letting him know who you are and where/how to pay the rent. 

If so, serve your pay or quit notice immediately. If he doesn’t respond or try to make it right then you can file for eviction after the notice times ends.