What’s wrong with the 15th

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You can have rent due any day you want, just document accordingly in rental agreement.  If you have multiple properties though, it’s easiest to be consistent with the day rent is due for ease of record keeping.

@Rousner E. I think most people are used to rent being due on the first of the month. You may need to prorate though if most tenants move in on the 1st But some people do allow a 5-day grace period.

Why do you want to wait half way through the month before getting paid. If you someone stops paying you have already let them stay half the month for free. It will be the end of the month before you file an eviction and then you've already lost a whole month of rent.

Mine is due on the 1st, late on the 6th. I'm filing an eviction by the 15th.

If it coincides with the lease on the 1st that is best. Government payments are on the 1st so for those on SSI or similiar you get paid first. The first doesnt help for those on weekly pay checks but who wants multiple due dates.

@Colleen F. @Dick Stevens I purchased a 29 unit apartment community and the former owner had rent payments due throughout the month...crazy administration.  3rd party management spent the first couple of months getting all residents on the same due date.