What utilities should a landlord pay for?

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Hello BP I had a question for y’all. What utilities should a land lord be responsible for paying and what utilities should a tenant pay? If you own any rental properties and have examples of how you charge a tenant please let me know below.

Generally most landlords prefer the tenant pays for all utilities. It is probaly a good idea to get a feel for what is customary in your market.

In my market the tenants pay for gas and electric I pay for water. I know there are ways to submeter water but on smaller properties this isn't always possible to setup. I'm going to try it on my next one thought! 

Who pays yours?

Unless its a multifamily home with a single meter and common areas who ever resides in the home should be responsible for all utilities.

If its a multifamily then the average utility cost should be factored in when determining rents at the start of the lease. Costs to do business is always factored in to price of goods and services.

The tenant should be made responsible for all the utilities, if possible. When utilities are included, they are far more likely to waste them or ignore problems that will drive up the costs.