Leaking foundation and cracked ceiling.

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Hey guys I went to look at this house the other day and I think it may be a "pig with lipstick". The foundation had a water leak. It drains down the wall into a drain in the floor. Looks like they tried to patch it multiple times. The ceiling has multiple cracks with horrible patch work. The center support beam in the basement is twisted on one side. They nailed 2x4s to give it more support. I wish I could upload photos to show you all. I feel I could cover the patch work and cosmetic stuff. My gut tells me this is a black hole for my money though lol. The leak alone has me worried that even though it's contained now, it'll just weaken over time. Plus you can see what looks to be slight crumbling of the bricks outside. To me it seems obvious I should move on but I want others opinions. What are your thoughts? TIA

go with your gut, without pictures it is hard to give you an idea of what may be going on. If it is something you are afraid may get you in over your head and will be more work than you want it to be, than do not take it on. would you live in the house knowing what problems may be there ? will the amount of work involved be recouped if you were to sell the property in a few years? if the answer to either one is NO, then walk away.

@Patrick Liska Water through the foundation HAS to be fixed from the outside. Patching the inside looks nice and might help for a few months, but you (or a foundation person) needs to dig down, patch and waterproof it from the exterior. The cracked ceiling could be just a bad patch, but it’s starting to sound like there’s something structurally unsound Can’t say for sure of course, but one crack, fixed, I wouldn’t worry much. Th fact that it’s a mess indicates they may have patched it multiple times and it still cracking and maybe getting worse. Not the end of the world, but if you do put in an offer, include an inspection contingency and get a structural person in to look - probably not just a home inspector. Could be some easy fixes & patches, or could be more....