Section 8 Housing Lookup

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Recently, I was having trouble finding whether a property is subsidized (section 8) housing. I have looked in the county's tax assessors website, but have not had any luck. I do not know if renting to section 8 is a zoning requirement that I can lookup, or a choice by the landlord to rent to section 8. Any tips will help! Thanks!

It's a landlords choice. They have to apply, have a site visit, pass inspection (safety stuff usually) and then get certified for section 8. I've no idea how to look it up though.

@Parmer Cherry Section 8 (it's actually now called the Housing Choice Voucher Program) is just a program that subsidizes low-income tenants' rent.  So a private landlord that chooses to accept Section 8 will receive a portion (or in some cases all) of the rent from the government.  However, the program doesn't do anything to the zoning, or with the county tax assessor or anywhere else that would enable you to lookup which houses are rented to Section 8 tenants.