Chicago City Violations - Seek Advice - Fence Repair

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Hello all,

In recent weeks the city of Chicago hit us with administrative court violations (450 Superior or 95th Ave Courts) on a couple of properties.  We have been thru tons of these and they are considered to be by us "the cost of doing business in Chicago" but they need to be dealt with.  I came up with an issue I had before but want to handle it differently this time and need BPers advice on options.

In the city, if you place a fence over 5 feet tall you need to get a permit.  I have been hit with this in the past and the fence was old in both cases in the past so I removed the fence altogether and solved the violation that way. In my current two cases, one is a wrought iron fence and the other is a newer fence I want to keep.  Both fences installed years before I bought the property.  My couple of fence guys said they don't want to deal with it so it leaves me with the question is there a company out there that will handle getting a fence permit for me for both of these properties?  

Thanks everyone:

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@Prashanth Mahakali

@Mark Ainley I had this for a fence that was existing prior to me buying the property but mine was a 7 foot fence (actually 6 feet with 1 foot of an add on lattice thing) and I got a permit violation.  I took off the top 1 foot lattice thing, took pictures and went down to city hall.  I had to pay $450 for the permit and fine and that was it.  They did not want to see the pictures that made it 6 feet and said I would just get a new violation if I went above 6 feet again.  

@Mark Ainley If its under 6ft and not masonry anyone with a GC license can pull an easy permit online (assuming the property is not owner-occupied, otherwise the owner can do so). You could use one of those violation-fixer/expediter companies but that's all they'll do.