Tennant end of lease agreement

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Hi everyone, so i have a mall question, i just recently purchased my first home/duplex hoping to be the beginning of my successful lanlording carreer. The duplexes had tenants already in them and i know its a high risk to buy a tenat occupy property because of the kind of tenants that they can be, my plan is to get rid of the tenants from the back unit and keep the ones in the front, lucky me the front tenants are very nice and clean people oh and they have yet to make a late payment so thats that. but the rear tenants are the people that need to move out their contract expires on September, so my question is how do i make sure they leave on time or what if they cant find another place to move into, do i give them a separate month to month contract with a higher rate, or what is your guys advice on how to handle this situation? thank you all for your time.

Assuming there is no rent control and this is in CA you will need to give 60 days notice, so you may have missed the boat on the beginning of September but their lease probably transitions to month to month once it is up.

Thank you for your time Aaron, so yes it is in California and there is no rent control, back in February when I purchase the units I did tell the back tenants that I was not goin to renew their lease agreement, I told them that I needed to move in once their agreement expired, but of course I did not do a written agreement it was all verbal. Thank you once again.