Home Owners Insurance - For SFH Rental

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Yes this should have been done sooner you don't need to insure the stuff inside the home but you do need liability.  If I were you I'd shop different companies because your primary residence insurance might not be the best for a rental as well.  I am always a big fan of independent insurance agents.

You need to have it insured specifically as a rental property, not home owners insurance.

You also need to take the time to learn your state landlord tenant regulations if you have not done so already. Operating a business without knowing the regulations is very dangerous.  You must abide by all regulations or you could easily end up in court.

@Charles Stubblebine   You'll need to have your policy changed from a homeowners policy to a landlord policy, also sometimes called a dwelling fire policy. 

While you're at it, you might have your agent quote you for an umbrella policy too.  Usually for only a couple hundred bucks a year you can get a million dollars of extra liability coverage.  It's cheap insurance.