Recommended Multifamily Home Tech Stack

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Hi All,

I am closing on a brand new fully gut-rehabbed 4-unit multi-family building (Garden, 1, 2, & 3) and am looking to outfit my units with the latest and greatest in home tech. The challenge I'm running into though is that many companies offer solutions that meet some of these needs, but none offer solutions that address all of them, and so I am concerned that I will be loading tenants with multiple apps, keys, etc. to manage their home. 

Does anybody on Bigger Pockets have a recommended technology stack to satisfy all (or even most) of the needs listed below:

- Smart Central Door Bell for the main entrance

- Smart Locks for each unit (leaning towards Kevo from Kwickset)

- Smart Home Security with Exterior Cameras (likely moving forward with Ring)

- Smart Lights (leaning towards Honeywell Home)

- Smart Thermostat (leaning towards Honeywell Home)

Please advise.



Hi Sam,

Sorry I don't really have any input, but I am also very curious about this same subject. Hopefully, someone has experience in this area and can help a bit.

@Sam Spitz @Mikael Lickteig I have installed tech package that has the smart doorbell, smart thermostat, fire alarm and water leak sensors in 30 units in DFW. 

I would warn against smart locks in general but Kevo in particular. It's a great lock for the homeowner but it's easy for the tenant to lock themselves out because phone ran out charge and they left the physical key inside the unit,  or kevo app isn't working on their phone (It doesn't work well on newly released Andriod P operating system).

As owners/property managers we want to smart home tech to reduce our workload, not increase it by support calls. All the rent premium you get quickly goes away if that means extra maintenance.