Refi Cash Out for properties in Jacksonville FL

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Anyone have any recommendations for any mortgage lenders that will refi you out of hard money? We are looking to convert a property to a buy and hold. Property is held in land trust with LLC as beneficiary, and is in Jacksonville Florida. Thank you!

@Gabrielle T. There are lenders willing to loan up to 50% Ltv as an unsecured loan against the property. You have a bunch of requirements to fulfill, but it’s a great way to get cash for properties in an LLC or Trust.

@Gabrielle T. - I'd recommend you call my friend Doug Goins:

Doug Goins

National Sales Director

Direct Money Lenders Inc.

9465 Counselors Way #200

Indianapolis, In 46240

They have great programs for properties already in an LLC, so you can get a new loan on the property. I'm using him for one of my properties now and he's a great resource for future deals too.