Tenant found my home address and mails letters here

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Hi Everyone,

We have a apt building where I guess for some reason some of the tenants found our home address (public records?) and started mailing letters there. We have a manager onsite that letters can be directed through. We also find it slightly discomforting to have letters mailed directly to us rather than the LLC.

Any advice? Thanks!

@Kushal S. id have your property manager enforce going going through them versus directly to you. You can also send a letter advising ALL tenants that no mail is to be sent directly to you and direct them to your manager.
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@Cat R.

It’s perfectly fine to enforce that right ?


Thanks for the help - do you think its appropriate to send the letter back or should I just open it?

@Kushal S. I would write/email them back and thank them for letting you know about xxx. You’ve forwarded their letter to the PM and they will handle it. “In the future, work with them directly to reduce any delays as I’m not always available.” In other words, if you ask me, it’ll take a long time to get a response!!