Rent collection - teant left without paying the right amount

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did the tenant move out or just not showing up at home? If they disappeared, I would evict whomever is on the property. But let’s see what someone else suggests cause this is my thought. Maybe someone has actually gone through this. 

Turn it over to a collection agency.  Don't get your hopes up, but maybe some day you'll get a check.  It would be better if you take it to small claims court (assuming amount is small enough) and get a judgment.  But that's not essential.

Thanks for the reply.  It would be difficult to take it to the small claims, as I do not know where they are and I am outside florida where the property is.   Is anyone aware of a good collection agency in florida?

Thanks and good night!

if you have a lease, you need to start an eviction process. Asap! Send 3 day notices by certified mail return receipts and you have proof then start the official eviction. 

I am in Florida and of all the money judgements I have had against tenants, have only collected on one.  You also need to file a certified copy of the judgement with the clerk of court in any county you think they may be in and may own property.  Have you searched for them online (found one of mine in Plano just outside of Dallas and am thinking of filing a foreign judgement with the clerk of court there).