ALE Solutions temporary housing

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I was approached by ALE solutions to rent out my home for 25% more rent per month, they can only do a 6 month lease with the option to do a month-to-month extension after that.

Are they legit?

I have read some horrible things about them on other forums.

Appreciate any help!

They approached me as well. But there were no follow through from the family - which ALE were looking for a rental. I suspect that family prefer to stay put wherever they were currently in, instead of moving.

I would have went through it at a premium rent for a short term lease. Unless the short term lease ends in the slow season, then I wouldn't do it. 

Here is the list of questions they have sent me. None of them are alarming...

Any guidance here?

Is the home furnished?

# of bedrooms?

# of bathrooms?

Is there a family room or other bonus room?

How many square feet (approximate)

Will you accept our company checks for move in funds and the rent?

Will you send us a W-9 (if no, we cannot proceed with your property)

Your contact information (name, phone, email)

Is renter’s insurance required or preferred?

Does this rental have central air conditioning?

If there is no central air, will you provide window units for a fee, and how many?

If there is no A/C and you are unable to provide window units, how many would be needed to cool the unit?

What kind of parking (garage, assigned, open, etc)?

Are there blinds or any other window coverings on the windows?

If not, will you install for an additional fee?

What appliances are included (microwave, fridge, stove, washer and dryer)?

If the washer and dryer is NOT included, is it the dryer gas or electric hook ups?

Are utilities included (if “YES”, what’s the estimated cost per month)?

Is lawncare/snow removal included in the rent price (if “NO” and there is an additional cost, how much)?

How much would the monthly rent be for this lease term? $

Security Deposit? $

Pet Deposit? Refundable or Nonrefundable? $

Application fee/person over 18 (or credit fee if no app.)? $

Cleaning Fee? $

Any other one-time non-refundable fees?

First available move in date?

Does the lease need to end on a specific day of the month (what day of the month)?

Do we have the option to extend month-to-month at the same rate once lease expires?

Is a 30 day notice to vacate at the end of the lease okay?

Who do we make checks payable to and where would we Fed Ex move in funds? (No P.O. Boxes please)

ALE is a business partner of the company I work for. They are in fact a legit company. It’s quite alarming that they are offering you 25% extra on rent. I have no idea why they would do that unless they are desperate in finding something for a client. Or, possibly their client has failed to pass other landlord screenings causing desperation. 

What I will tell you about them is that they will absolutely make payments to you timely. What you will also find is that they do not screen tenants AT ALL. That is still your job. Just because a big company is offering you a tenant and extra money does not mean your property won’t get wrecked. Beware and fully screen tenants thoroughly. Their clients could be literally anyone off the streets. 

FYI, they mostly contract temporary housing for insurance companies’ policy holders when their home is not liveable after an insurance loss.

Good luck!