Property manager, many problems why do I have to give 30 days

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So I am an out of town investor and like many I use property managers. This last property manager was a terrible fit. I cannot seem to find a good property manager in Detroit. This property manager could not produce a 7 Day Notice after 3 weeks of repeated requests, a worker putting in a smoke alarm saw a sewage backup and didn't even tell me or his boss, checking info for a owner payout was not entered properly and resulted in a week delay, a renter was told of a payment plan for hardship but receved a contact info update in the mail... and lastly I had to email questions each day which never got answers. Now  I want an immediate break butcause I have had enough. But the management company has sent me a 30 day notice document. After the list of offenses I feel I do not have to do the 30 day notice. What do you think?


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