Vinyl Planks vs. Carpet in Section 8 Property

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Is vinyl plank (click and lock) worth the added expense ($1.90/sf plus install) in the long run?  I bought a house in a Section 8 neighborhood.  Carpet may be a little cheaper, but I would have to change it out probably every time a tenant moved out.  I have used vinyl in a house I flipped and it seems long lasting, durable (I know there are different qualities) and easy to clean.

Can anyone vouch for vinyl over carpet?


To piggy back on this thread; what kind of LVP do you like? Loose lay, interlocking, self adhesive, glue down? Strictly for a rental unit/buy and hold. What is your average install price (I know, probably varies all over country)? I installed floating LVP in my basement bathroom, and it looks pretty dang good, but I would probably hire a professional if I'm installing in the entire main living area. 

I was quoted something like 2-4 bucks a sqft in KC for install. The range was based on complexity. Another thing to consider is with planks you need to buy extra to make up for the mistakes /bad product.

Sheet vinyl is cheap and could be option, also some people like tile but that's higher on the installation cost. If you're looking long term know that products frequently discounted by mfg so might not be able to replace /repair in future before it's worn out...

Thanks for the input!

I was wondering if anyone had a problems with vinyl planking in rentals.  

I can get a good quality vinyl at $1.90/sf plus have to install myself.  It's not hard, but takes time.  Home depot has a special, free install with $1/sf carpet, minimum 700 sq. feet.  But then there is the padding which is .40/sf.  So, the price isn't a huge difference (with my labor.)   Thanks again!

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@Jonathan Cronkite We have section 8 rentals and have found that Home Depot now offers a durable and attractive sheet vinyl. Its called scorched walnut, check it out.

I was so excited to hear the old style vinyl was making a comeback. I went to HD, but they don't carry it down here.   That would be the way to go. Looks like the vinyl planks are going to win.  Carpet would be 1.25/sf INCLUDING installation.  Very tempting. 

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@Dennis M.

Section 8 flooring? ...just paint the concrete

Yeah good thinkin’ ‘

There was somebody on here a while back that posted about what is required for the landlord when it comes to lawn maintenance. Basically He said In His A class rentals he pays a professional landscaper to mow trim and hedge .. in his b class properties he requires the tenant to mow and trim his own grass .. in his D class section 8 rentals he pours ground clear chemicals on the grass and then just dumps gravel over the yard lol 

@Jonathan Cronkite in lower income properties, your best bet is always going to be properly installed tile. Even S8 tenants don't seem to destroy tile, and you can have the same tile in place for 20 years if you put in a nice neutral color. Next I would say inexpensive laminate is the way to go. Get the cheap stuff ($.50 per sq ft) and expect it to last 5-7 years...maybe. Carpet can actually be a close second if you get the right color. I have some carpet in S8 rentals that has lasted longer than you would think, but mostly because the living standard is not the same as it is in most areas. 

In summary, if I could tile the whole place I would (and I do have units that are all tile). If you can pick one of the modern "wood look alike" tiles you might be very pleased with the results too. 

@Jonathan Cronkite You're exactly right I wasn't kidding we do that in some of our units... They got a real nice latex concrete paint they sell at home depot and you can get mixed in any color and it makes for a real cheap turn around when people move out...

how many MM Vinyl do you recommend?  I see a lot of good color options at 4MM or should you go thicker?