Wht documents should be available to host a rental open house?

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I am currently relocating to another state and I have some people interested in my property as a renter. I have cozy setup and all of the detail on the cozy site. What documents should or could I have available for someone to host a rental property open house for me? For example... a stat sheet that shows all features and highlights, update schedule, etc?

In addition to the above, a Home Summary document including photos and details of the features, lease terms, and application process. If you aren't using the Cozy applications, paper applications would also be good.

@Jasper Sawyer - I’ve rented to a lot of people without a lot of printed information at an open house. If they like it, they’ll often pay cash and fill out the application right there.

Things you want -
1. Sign in sheet with name and email or phone number (to contact and later to ask for feedback if they don’t rent it).
2. Basic brochure ideally 1 page with 1-3 color photos with house specs like a realtor would make - 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, $1400/mo. $1400 security deposit. XYZ features - laundry granite stainless appliances new carpet/paint/kitchen/bathroom/flooring whatever, xyz school district.
3. Have on hand useful info like expected utilities, local attractions.
4. Paper background check applications

Before the open house - post your listing on Zillow, craigslist, Facebook marketplace and copy and paste a stock reply like “Thank you for your interest in 123 Main St, Phoenix AZ. $1400/mo. 4 BR 2 BA. $1400 Sec Dep. $35 Per Adult App Fee. Please mark on your calendar our open house on Sun 8/5 from 2-4pm. Thanks! Have a great day!” (And link to your cozy listing and application).

Thank you all for the advice. It has been very helpful. I have been using Cozy services and have had a lot of applicants and Interest in the property.  This is my first property that I'm managing and I think this wills fo ok with my teM and I.