Is San Diego turning BLUE?

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The residents who are upset about beach vacation rentals are wealthy, longtime owners of million dollar real estate. They ain’t blue, they’re purple. 

Originally posted by @Alan Grobmeier :

San Diego STVR BANNED/limited as of July 2019?  Ouch.  

I guess I may be able to get my beach house at a discount sooner than I thought?  ;-)


 San Diego passes a lot of dumb 'blue' type laws (like you can't use section 8 as a factor when looking to rent to someone.  wtf is that all about?  Idiot liberals.  Sorry, not sorry), but I wouldn't call this one of them.

People's opinions about STR don't seem to have a direct correlation with their other political leanings. On average, I'd guess 'most' people who want to ban STR are left leaning only because they're more likely to favor a larger government controlling what people do with their own property. While those on the right want a smaller government and to be left the hell alone.

But there is overlap on this issue. 

I think the str ban is more a nimby issue than a political party issue. I am guilty of it myself as we have an STR in Mission Beach (STR since 1999) but I would not desire an STR next door in Poway.