Answering service for tenants

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Hello BP Community,

I am currently self-managing my eight rentals and working a full-time job. Does anyone have a recommendation for an answering service that can take the calls 24hrs a day and relay the information to me? Thank you for your help.


Hi Herbert,

I use TeleDirect right now.  I've been with them for about 2 years I think.  They take the phone call and provide email copies of messages.  If you chose you can create a matrix they would use to handle emergency repairs.  What vendor to contact and when.

My software has a message center where tenants can contact me through by sending a message that is copied at both sides...the tenant portal keeps a copy and the subscriber portal keeps a copy. It is very handy for me as I do not get phone calls.  They can send these messages to resolve problems, report maintenance needs or notify me.  I think it is better than phone calls.  

@Herbert Lewis Pick a service that will relay information to you and also handle emergency maintenance. You don't want to have to wake up at midnight to deal with a plumbing emergency. I'd look for:

  1. An ability to troubleshoot maintenance issues on the phone
  2. An ability to send a good contractor to fix emergency issues (anything that can cause property damage)

Feel free to PM me for details/suggestions.