Pest Control in Rentals?

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For those who do single family rentals, do you, as the Landlord pay for Pest Control? It just sort of hit me in the shower this morning and I don't know the answer.

I'm trying to look at preventative maintenance costs over the year, Pest Control might need to be on the list. I think I pay about 300 a year for my own residence. Have you found that costs are different for rentals?

Besides HVAC PM, and Pest control can anyone think of any other preventative costs I should be thinking about?

My lease specifies that I will take care of any pest issues during first 30 days. Tenant is responsible after that. I can't control how clean they live so I can't control them attracting pests.

My lease states tenant is responsible for pest control and appliance repair . When I first started I didn’t have these clauses in my lease . Will save you a ton of money and time .

I handle pest control in the property that needs it.  I have all clean, responsible tenants, but some properties have issues from time to time.  I have a local pest control company service 5 units for mice every month.  $125.  

For single family we require the tenant to pay for this after the 1st 30 days.   In the first month we figure it might be from the previous tenants.   After that it is up to the tenant to keep their place clean and pest free.   Multi family is a little different so we have them sprayed every other month.