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@Julie Olson if you don't get any recommendations then I would try contacting PM companies in that area as if you were a tenant looking to rent a property. 

You'll be able to tell pretty quickly what level of service they provide fairly quickly. And without the potential sales pitch from the broker in charge.

Hi Julie! I don't have any recommendations on property management companies in the area, but there is landlord software out there that your family can market their property through. A lot of software will perform market syndication, which means that once you create your listing you can market it on major listing sites like,, etc. with one click. If you need a recommendation, feel free to PM! 

I am not yet licensed, so I cannot yet offer to manage others' properties, but I will ask around here in Naperville for recommendations.  Are they looking just to fill the vacancy, or full service PM?

Originally posted by @Julie Olson :
Any suggestions for property management companies in Naperville IL? Looking to help my family rent their townhouse in that area.

Naperville, great area! As always, I suggest you call multiple firms and find out everything they have to offer as well as charge. Especially if you have a special type of property (Section 8, senior housing, etc.). Also, confirm who handles the HOA-related items, it's not uncommon for PM's to not provide this service and it falling back unexpectedly on the owners.

Kinda late, but i'd be happy to offer assistance. I own DB3 Management Services LLC. (property & construction management) and i'm also a real estate broker for over 15 years in the Naperville, IL. area

Brian Evans