John Hopkins Development Zone , East Baltimore

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Hello, I am interested in buying a property on 500 block of Rose st Baltimore. It's about 3 or 4 blocks away from John Hopkins  hospital.  I am new with the area but I read about the Hopkins plan it sounds a like a good investment for the future. the property is fully renovated and with tenant with good rental cash flow. Any suggestion is a great help. thanks 

@Nam Huynh The 500 blocks of the alley (narrow) streets in that area can be tough. I presume you have been there. Google street view is not near good enough to evaluate the block.  Do not use the wide streets Milton, Montford or Luzern as comps for the narrow streets Like Rose and Port

I was at one hundred block of Rose today it okay ish,  500 should be close to Orleans, and I am not sure if JHH  plan  will change that area  soon

I appreciate you making this post. I am looking at doing the same thing and am looking at a place this is off Orleans street, about 4 blocks down from the hospital. Would love to connect and see what you decided. 

Im getting ready to pull the trigger, just have some concern about the safety and how hard it will be to find renters, roommates. 

I have been to this area and definitely seems like a good long term investment, and like @Ned Carey said, I felt a little more comfortable on the larger streets then the allies in this area for now.