How to list a rental property on the market?

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I am about to list my rental property (2-bedroom apt) on the market. I know there is a website that pushes your listing to many rental websites but you just have to list your apartment on this one website. I wonder if anyone knows this website or give me tips about listing rentals. I am planning to use Craig's List as my primary medium, but I would not mind putting my listing on Zillow and any other real estate site/app.

Looking forward to your feedback!


@Krystof Pilisiewicz You’ll have to figure out what works best in your market, here is how I do it: Put in on Zillow which also puts it on Trulia. Zillow gives you a link to make a fancy post of Craig’slist, I use it. Then I put in on FB marketplace. My best sources are these four sites with most coming from Zillow. FB marketplace generates a lot of leads but they are not necessarily good leads.