Timber Ridge Lodge Resort (WI) - condos??

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Looking at Timber Ridge Lodge (Lake Geneva Wi) for a condo investment, what appears to be nice is they do all the work and  still claim 7-9 percent return. Anyone have any insight?


I did not, Did some research (minimal) however it seems like the monthly fees eat up the small potential profit you have.

Just was not feeling it after I requested the rules and agreement.

@Joe Sroka

These are called “Condo - Tels” because while you can own them as a condo, it is first and foremost a hotel with a water park. So you pick which days you want to stay there and the rest of the year the hotel management uses your condo as a hotel room, renting it out on your behalf. Let me know if you’d like comps in Timber Ridge or the Lake Geneva Area (they also do this at several other condo-tels/hotels in the area)! Happy to share more.