Security Deposit Question

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This community has been so helpful and I have learned so much from your advice! This time I am facing a dilemma with regards to charging some damage I incurred when  my tenants' moved out as a result of their losing the garage remote control. Specifically, they notified me that they lost the remote control and that they called the garage door guy who gave them the price for replacing it. I told them I would take care of that with the garage door guy and charge the remote control replacement to their SD. When the garage door guy came over to replace the remote control he told us he had to reinstall the door sensor to comply with CA regulations in order to sell us a new remote control. If no sensor adjustment then no new remote control. The price now more than doubled from the original quote he gave the tenants. I want to subtract the total cost from the SD since had they not lost the remote control at the first place I would not have incurred this additional cost. The additional cost is a result of their negligence. Can I subtract the total cost (sensor plus remote control) from their SD or should I absorb the sensor cost and only charge for the remote control? 

Thank you very much for your input

@Constantia Petrou In my opinion, and as a former property manager, I would have told you that the additional expense is yours, not the tenants. If it's required by CA regulations, thats not the tenants fault. It's also not yours, but that's where it lands as the owner.