Tenant Application - Possible Tenant later on

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Hello All, 

I am in the process of screening a possible tenant for my property. The couple was going to apply together but one of them ended up saying that she was not going to move in until the following year. What are your recommendations on something like this, where i want to make sure i screen (background check) the second tenant before they move in but am afraid they will not tell me before they move in. Can i still require a background check for the second person if they are not technically moving in until the next year?

Thanks all!

Definitely ask for it.  If they have an issue with providing it they you have to ask yourself, "why aren't they providing it?"

If I wanted to move into a place, either now or in a year, I would have no problem providing documentation to the landlord about myself both now and in a year. 

You could skip the background check on the second tenant for now, then screen them before they move in next year. That way you have the most recent, up to date information in their screening report. They could get evicted or get into a bad financial situation in the year that they aren't living at your property, so you want to make sure the report is up to date and comprehensive.