Landlording MIL unit, separate or same utilities/internet

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What have some people done in regards to paying for utilities and internet within a home with a mother in law set up? I am likely going to include all utilities and internet in the rental price for sake of ease, but I wanted to hear how other people have done it or get feedback on this approach.

My condo is right above my rental unit & I thought of providing free internet since I am already paying for it & it would be close enough for my tenant to access it. However, what if your tenant starts to watch child pornography? Although unlikely if you screen well, I prefer keeping things separate & requiring my tenant to get utilities under his own name. Also I wont be getting calls or complains that his internet speed is slow, etc.

If everything is on a single meter, include it with the rent. You can call the utility companies and get an average for each utility. Then figure out an estimate of what the MIL suite would use and add that into the rent.

Example: Average cost of all utilities is $250 a month. Main home is a 3bed/2bath and MIL suite is 1bed/1bath. I would probably charge $75 for the MIL utilities since the main home is using the majority.

@Nathan G.  

Thanks for the info. That makes a lot of sense and is very helpful. What have you done or seen done for the idea of separate internet in a MIL unit? I have been having trouble finding out if this is possible, let alone advised. 

Most modern wireless routers can be set up with different account. Mine has 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz, each can be set with their own name and password. I'm also able to set up guest accounts with a different name and password for people visiting. You could set one network up for the main house in the second one for the smaller house. I would recommend placing the router somewhere near the middle of the two so that you have a good signal for both sides.

2.4Ghz channel has a longer range but lower speeds. The 5Ghz has a shorter range but faster speeds in more channels for more devices.

Just find a computer geek to help you figure out what suture situation best but it's not difficult.

@Russell McCluskey The problem with the internet isn't going to be what SSID/password are used. The problem will be whose name is on the account. If the tenant is sitting there downloading TV shows, music, etc and you're the one paying the bill, you're the one who ends up with your name on the summons when the court comes calling. I'd call the local internet provider and ask what the options are. From a technical standpoint, they should be able to provide multiple modems on different accounts. Whether they will or not will depend on other factors.