Tenant storage systems/recommendations!

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Hello all! I have a 7 unit apartment complex that has a vacant 450 sq ft space between two existing units that I intend to convert into storage as a way to better serve tenants and force appreciation thru increased NOI. My preference would have been to convert the space into an additional studio but the City wont allow it due to zoning restrictions. As the existing units are all very small, I am thinking offering some small storage units for rent would be a good alternative strategy to monetize this space and add some value for existing tenants who are all strapped for space. My question is whether anyone with experience of adding similar small interior storage units/lockers can offer any recommendations regarding design/materials/systems? For examples, pros and cons of plywood boxes, steel caging materials etc. Any input would be greatly appreciated and I plan to share updates of how this goes so that any lessons learned are passed along for community benefit. Thanks! Paul