How to find Seller financing??!

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Good day everyone, I hope everyone is doing great today. I’ve made a couple posts here and I got some amazing advices and now that I have a full time IT job at a data center my next question is should I just save up and then do a flip or should I try to get into a seller finance multiple family property. Then rent out the units and maybe even rent out the rooms in the unit I stay in and from then I would have money saving up while buying for a property I will own in the long run and also could do flips after a year or 2? Please let me know which options you think is best and why is it better than the other? I’m also located in SoCal California. I appreciate everyone who take the time out to reply to my post and all constructive criticism is welcome.
it's not the time for seller financing. it's still possible but the best time when the trend is hard to get loans. I got alot from 2009-2015. that was the trend then. watch the industry. whens loans are hard to get start with your owner financing angle. hot real estate markets kill owner financing. in most cases.

Most sellers that are offering financing now are offering less desirable terms than you would be able to get from a bank.  

Your post lacks focus though.  Do you want to be a landlord or a flipper?  I’d focus on your goal and don’t mix the two when you’re starting out and learning.

@Dick Stevens thanks for the advice Mr. Stevens but my main goal is to be a landlord, well I want to own atleast 60 units in the future so I can live off my passive income. My goal right now is to flip homes to save up enough income to get properties to rent out or even try the BRRRR strategy but as a young male and a newbie investor. I’m going over the strategies and trying to figure it which one would best fit me and allow me to enter the investment world with minimum risks.