Kansas City state inspections

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Did you guys hear about the law that passed in Missouri (healthy homes measure)? Basically the state will inspect all rental homes for mold, rodents ect? The landlords pay a fee for the inspections. Any other states have this? How will it affect landlords? 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  Last week a politician in California was quoted as saying "we want to regulate every aspect of your life."  The Kansas City "Healthy Homes" measure is just the beginning of unnecessary regulation and taxation of rental property.  Its a slippery slope.  Next will come rent control.  If you are a landlord in Kansas City, its time to sell your property and re-invest in an area that does not "regulate every aspect of your life" and make you pay for it by way of permit and inspection fees.

Sounds like this could become a problem in a lot of states. Most of our rentals are in kansas however we are under contract for a 4 plex in KC, mo. Should we back out? 

@John T.

I live in CA and I invest in KC because it is so landlord friendly. 

@Victoria S. I think backing out is pretty extreme! Your numbers should still be good enough to weather these inspections and come out ahead. 

I live in LA, believe me, KCMO has so far to go before it becomes LA! 

Yes, Question 1 Healthy Homes did pass and supposedly goes into effect September 1s.

Currently, in Kansas City, all rental property and vacant property must be registered with the city and now once the new ordinance starts all rental units must be registered with the health department. Except for those that are inspected by HUD, MHDC or are owned by a Non Profit.

Then the landlord will have a self inspection to register for the permit to operate - under the current system less than 1/3 of rental units are registered and we have had that regulation for 10 years.  So how many will they get with the new ordinance we don't know.

With the new ordinance, then your units can be inspected by the Health Department upon complaint (we're not sure who can make that complaint, however) or on some random inspection schedule as yet to be determined.

I hear they have a list of 50 things they will be inspecting, but as of yet, we have not seen it.

Independence Missouri and Gladstone Missouri have similar regulations as to Kansas City Kansas and Overland Park.

If you plan to not keep in top shape, then you might revisit your numbers to see what this ordinance is going to cost you - at least $20 a unit per year.  If your tenants make complaint or you come up randomly then you can probably expect the inspector will find something and trigger the reinspection. In a 4 plex you can probably spread that chance for inspection and reinspection with economies of scale.  But I would guess if one unit is inspected and has more than 2 or 3 problems that it just might come up on a random inspection for the other 3.  If it will be Section 8 and inspected by them, it is exempt.

@Kim Tucker

I just bought my first property in KCMO, so thanks for this tip. I just registered it! I take good care of my units, nice rehabs, pest control, so I don't foresee any complaints that will trigger inspections. But good to know that it COULD be triggered! In NKC you need rental inspections and they actually check all your outlets to make sure that your power is grounded if you have 3 prong plugs! NKC is so small that it's easy to get an inspection and luckily I used two prong plugs on outlets that were not grounded!